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    programmable sliding rheostat, after repeated research on it, found to be a perfect alternative; this digital potentiometer chip can refer to MCp41100 model

    Digital potentiometer chip

    Digital potentiometer pin Diagram

    This is the pin definition diagram of the MCp41100 digital potentiometer chip. Among them, the CS pin, SCK pin and SI pin are connected to the microcontroller, the pA0 pin, pW0 pin and pB0 pin are the A pin of the corresponding sliding rheostat W pin and B pin; the output resistance of the potentiometer can be controlled through the software programming of the single chip microcomputer; the typical circuit application diagram is as follows

    Digital potentiometer circuit application diagram

    In this way, the function of controlling the potentiometer can be realized by programming the software, which can better replace the function of the traditional sliding rheostat (potentiometer), and realize the compatibility and complementation of the circuit functions;

    I don't know whether there is an intuitive understanding of the digital potentiometer chip, if you encounter related design problems in circuit design.

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    Digital potentiometer chip

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