• How the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence can reduce food waste

    About one-third of agricultural production is eventually landfilled, unfortunately confirming the second law of thermodynamics. Simply put, the second law of thermodynamics says that every energy conversion is accompanied by energy loss. A large part of this loss is due to the industrialization of agricultural products. Especially when checking the storage and transportation parts of the food chain, we found that losses accounted for 17% of global production. This is because the grains are exposed to microorganisms and insects when they are transported or stored in the silo, and the microorganisms and insects will find the ideal growing environment.

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    How IoT technology is part of the solution

    IoT technology attempts to provide solutions to improve the supply chain because it uses a variety of sensors, some of which have very high-precision measurement results and machine learning algorithms for big data analysis.

    Therefore, one of the competitive advantages is the use of patent-level military-grade technology for agriculture. According to Dr. Sotiris Bantas, Centaur's sensors are "the only commercial technology capable of sensing and transmitting in mass storage to monitor the quality of the entire product." In other words, four sensors are sufficient to fully monitor about 30.000 bushels (1.000 metric tons) Silo.

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